Kraft paper bags with handles are now used by the majority of corporations, commercial enterprises, offices, and retail shops for all of their packaging needs. Paper is safe, decomposable, and recyclable. Depending on the business in which they are utilized, different types of paper have varying levels of durability. Some items require extremely durable paper, whereas others, such as jewelry or regular usage, require a different type. The density, porosity levels, thickness, and smooth texture of a sheet of paper determine its physical qualities. 

Let’s look at some of the processes of making paper bags for commercial purposes.

Choosing the raw material – paper: If the company does not produce its own paper, it sources the required raw material from a paper manufacturer. Then, these are prepared for production depending on the client’s order of color, texture, and size. 

Paper sheering: The prepared sheets of paper are now stacked one on top of the other and cut to the dimensions stipulated by the customer. The shape and design of the paper bag are determined and implemented at this stage.

Eyelet punching: After the sheering step, it’s time to decide on the paper bag’s handles. If the paper bag has rope handles, eyelets will need to be added, which will be done at this stage. If the bag has cut-out holes as handles, that will also be done at this stage.

Paper creasing: The sheered paper is creased to facilitate subsequent folding and gluing of the various pieces of the bag simpler. It provides consistency in the bags’ folding, adhering, and assembly.

Hard press: Clients may require their bags to be durable and powerful at times. So the sheets of paper are pressed together to make the paper bag thicker. Thisis done at the hard pressing step when the glue is put between the layers, and they are machine pushed together for a clean, long-lasting bond.

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How are Paper Bags Made?