Having car insurance Philippines is a wise decision as it enables vehicle owners to financially protect themselves from the inherent dangers of driving along the country’s road. It also allows them to comply with the country’s rules and regulations on car registration or renewal of registration. 

Types of Car Insurance 


Compulsory third-party liability (CTPL) insurance is the type of car insurance that car owners are required to avail of to register their vehicle or renew its registration. It provides vehicle owners basic coverage for bodily injury, permanent disability, death indemnity, and medical expenses of third parties involved in an accident. 

A comprehensive car insurance Ph policy provides vehicle owners more financial protection against loss, theft, personal accident, accidental collision, property damage, fire and explosions, damages caused by natural disasters (Acts of God), and malicious acts by third parties. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting the Best Car Insurance 


Although a car insurance policy provides peace of mind to vehicle owners, many people see insurance as an additional and expensive liability. However, it is only a costly liability if car owners are not careful in choosing the policy that they will buy. 

Purchasing a policy with the lowest premium and not getting enough coverage are two common mistakes vehicle owners make when insuring their cars. It is better to look at the amount of coverage in an insurance policy rather than look at their premium rate. This will help them ensure that they will have adequate protection from their policy while on the road. 

Moreover, skipping the process of comparing insurance inclusions and premiums is another mistake car owners make. It is best to shop around and carefully examine the included insurance coverage in every policy they encounter to see whether its premium is justified with the amount of coverage they will get from it. 

As long as vehicle owners implement the best practices in selecting the insurance for their vehicle, they can purchase a policy with a satisfactory amount of coverage and an affordable premium rate. This infographic from iChoose.ph discusses the common mistakes care owners should avoid when buying a car insurance policy.