Not that Lisbon is the worst place to be stuck on your own, not unless your whole stag party blows you off. A man who recently traveled by plane to Lisbon is currently enjoying a long weekend by himself at the vibrant and trendy Portuguese city on a stag do. The British traveler arrived in Portugal on Friday, August 26, expecting to meet up with eighteen of his friends who lived in London, but he was by himself.

The man from Bristol uploaded a one-minute video to social media and disclosed that the other stag do attendees decided to cancel at the last minute after finding out that their planned return flight to London Luton airport had been canceled. He had already arrived in Lisbon when he heard about it.

This summer, there have been many delays and cancellations of flights in the UK, and shortages at airports have resulted in long lines and wait times. Travelers have voiced grievances regarding unexpected and abrupt aircraft cancellations.

“Why always me?” the buck cried out to his more than 10,000 social media followers. I came to Lisbon recently for a bucks party. There were nineteen of us at the party. Eighteen are flying from Luton in London. I left Bristol on a solo flight”. 

As soon as I landed, I received a text from the Bucks Party group informing me that their return flight had been canceled and they would not be departing. That’s why I’m going to a stag do in Lisbon by myself.

“So tomorrow I have a fun filled packed day,” he continued. All you can drink at my boat party for one. After that, there will be an evening bar crawl with one all-you-can-drink. It’s the saddest thing that can happen to a guy.

He provided more background in a different post where he included screenshots of a group WhatsApp conversation for the stag do. “Just to let everyone know our return flight has been cancelled and they don’t have anything they can transfer us on to,” wrote one of his friends in a message on Facebook.

Another friend of his remarked, “Literally no availability especially for 18 people,” a few minutes later. One person said, “Everything is full or cancelled,” in the meantime.

After about twenty minutes, some of his London friends begin talking about other options; one of them suggests an eighteen-person apartment in Liverpool. He even responded, “Don’t cancel the hotel,” when someone brought up the idea of doing so in Lisbon. I’m present.

Many people who commented on the post found humor in the otherwise depressing circumstances. “Sorry, buddy, but this is hilarious,” one person joked while sharing two laughing emojis.

He should “go out and about, make some new friends, and invite them to the organized events,” another person advised. Say, “Record everything.” You’ll live up to legend. It might sound like his friends are pulling a terrible practical joke on him, or that he is actually lost. Perhaps he was happier without his friends; they might just be starting a new trend. If you are from Melbourne why go to the effort when you can simple visit your local strip club Showgirls Bar 20.