Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Primary Entry: netoworkoing

Function: noun

Date: 1967

1: the exchange of knowledge or services among individuals, groups, or institutions particularly: the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.

2: the establishment or utilization of a pc network.

The word networking was put into the dictionary in 1967, but the concept of networking among people is really as old as humans are. Actually, networking is difficult-wired into our DNA.

Shockingly enough, networking isn’t unique to humans. Dr. Robert Salposki, a neurobiologist at Stanford College and person receiving the MacArthur Fellowship, also referred to as the Genius Award, has studied baboons as well as their social structure. He’s proven us that baboons and humans share many similar communication practices, socio-political hierarchical structures, as well as the most popular tactics of gossip. Dolphins and tigers also provide elaborate social structures where networking is essential for their survival.

Another shocking realization is the fact that women aren’t the only ones born having the ability to network, nor shall we be better at networking than our male counterparts are. In ancient occasions, male hunter-gatherers met up and networked effectively to visit looking for days on finish. Proof that this kind of networking labored was the valuable protein the hunters snared. The hunters then would share their bounty using the entire tribe, developing a “web of mutual obligation.”

In the current economy, we must work difficult to find employment, and lots of talking to firms are thriving by teaching networking skills. These businesses are marketing networking like a new idea, and people are having to pay big dollars for this kind of service. As employers have become more technologically savvy, social networks are no more impressive alone. Oftentimes, social media really could work against job hunters. Be careful before posting individuals funny pictures from college or political rants in your favorite blog because who knows who’ll discover their whereabouts. Networking may also are a modern-day “web of mutual suspicion.”

Electronic networking has become a pain for many employers, and firms who accustomed to employ a friend of the friend of the friend have stopped this practice. Whole-foods, the earth’s largest organic nutrition store, is among these businesses that lately modified its hiring practices. Whole-foods now only accepts hiring recommendations from employees that may personally verify the candidates’ quality and integrity.